monthly tight subscription

Monthly Tight Subscription: Why it works

Why purchase a monthly tight subscription? We've been there. We've tried all the traditional ways to buy tights. Traditional methods don't make the busy lives of all dancers and dance parents more efficient. Sometimes traditional tight purchase methods just don't work.

Traditional Tight Purchase Methods:

1. The Secret Stash: You purchase several pairs of tights at one time and put them in a secret spot, with the idea of rationing out the tights over time. But, your secret spot remains..... a secret.

2. The Trust in Will Power: You stock up with the idea, that you will have a few pairs of new tights in your dance bag to use, as needed. Two weeks later, you don't have any new tights because it is impossible to resist putting on a new pair. 

3. The Just-in-Time Inventory Method: Nothing is as exhilarating as a dash to the shop for one pair of tights right before class or an audition.

We are happy to help with your dancewear emergencies and need for an adrenalin fix, but there is a better way: A Monthly Tight Subscription.

Your monthly tight delivery will provide exceptional comfort, fit and leg hugging performance and offers a knitted waistband for smooth finish. Our premium tights are made in Canada using all the industry's best practices (think Italian hosiery machines, premium materials, eco-friendly practices, etc.).

If you have an upcoming performance or audition and need a different color or style one month, just let us know before the first of the month and we can substitute colors or styles one month with any of the options we stock regularly (more expensive styles will be invoiced for the price difference).

Looking for a different style or color? Let us know! We can customize your subscription to fit your needs.

Need your first pair right away? Our monthly subscription ships around the first of the month, but if you have a tight emergency, let us know in the notes of your order and we can get your first pair sent out ASAP!

Monthly Tight Subscriptions: Just one more high-service option from your little shop around the corner.