Building History

The building at 169 Portage Street has had a rich and varied history. The building, built in 1905, was originally an Interurban Station (regional streetcar) and the Interurban cars traveled through the building. That’s why there is a big square hole!

Since that time, the building has been used as an engineering company, a county clerk office, a bus station, several manufacturing companies, a theatre, several taverns and bars, a shorthand college and a bank.

By our account, the Interurban Building has always been a place for business, for gatherings, for education and for fun. Thanks for joining us and helping us carry on the tradition of this special building.

If you are interested in learning more about the Interurban system in our region, visit: 

Interurbans in West Michigan

What's in a name?

The nostalgic image of a train station brings visions of people from different places and backgrounds crossing paths along the halls and gates of the station. Travelers come through stations for different reasons: some traveling for business, some traveling for shopping; some coming for a visit, some leaving on a journey. Sometimes the only thing the travelers have in common is the space they share for a brief moment in time. Then, they go their separate ways.

We named our business “The Station” because the dynamic movement of people following their own missions is the image of train stations we wanted to capture. Whether you need space to teach yoga, conduct a meeting, celebrate a birthday or take a class, The Station is an ideal location to share with others, even if just for an hour.