Know Your Stuff

The inspiration for our shop brand grew out of frustration in trying to find good quality dancewear apparel and shoes that were nearby, durable, fashionable, and, of course, not boring.

I also live in Michigan, where we have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs to overseas facilities, not always to the benefit of consumers. 

I wanted to develop a brand that cared about where our stuff was made. The farm-to-table movement has changed the way we think about food. Couldn't the same concept work with the stuff we buy? Shouldn't we care about the humans making our stuff as much as we care about the life on a farm?

I am proud to report that our ability to source high-quality products from fair-trade manufacturing facilities far exceeds my initial expectations! Here is a sampling of some of the brands we carry:

Motionwear: Makes all of their leotards and apparel in Indianapolis.

Suffolk: Suffolk makes leotards in the USA and pointe shoes are made in the USA and UK.

Jule Dancewear: Jule makes unique and highly-functional leotards and skirts in the USA.

So Danca: The company owns its factory in the Dominican Republic and manufactures shoes and apparel. 

Mondor: Mondor makes premium dance, skating and fashion tights and apparel in Quebec. 

Ainsliewear: Ainsliewear makes exquisite leotards in British Columbia.

Onzie: Onzie designs and makes fabulous leggings in California.

There are others, too. You get the idea. We love that we have found great manufacturers doing great things with their employees! Stay tuned for more discoveries!