Bring us your "freak" feet.

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Some people are embarrassed and apologetic when they take their shoes off to try on dance shoes. They've had negative shoe shopping experiences in their past: a retailer doesn't have shoes that fit their width, shape, etc. properly. Maybe a shop worker casually says, "freakishly (insert adjective here) feet" and doesn't realize how badly the comment lands on someone who struggles finding shoes that fit and look good.

Here's a little secret: I have one foot that is Roman-shaped, one foot that is Celtic, high arches and tiny toenails. One daughter has amazingly narrow Greek-shaped feet, flat arches and finger-like toes (she refuses to wear sandals... see above). Another daughter used to be able to clear a room when she took her shoes off (fixed that, the world is welcome). We have a cat with 7 extra toes..... There's more, but you get the idea. Unique feet are the norm in our family.

If you need dance shoes, we gladly take on the challenge your unique feet. Finding ballet slippers or pointe shoes that fit you perfectly is our job, not your problem. That's why we carry so many options. We work with vendors that carry additional widths that we can order for you. Although we may discuss your unique feet, we prefer you leave our shop feeling good about your most important dance assets, not ashamed of them.

Time to own your unique feet. Shop with us for your perfect fit (and tips on stink reduction).