Can we rent a studio for <insert your idea here>?

The Station is flexible space, by design. We often get questions about what kinds of activities or events can be held at The Station.

Below is a list of acceptable uses of the studio space at The Station.... and some ideas that need some revising before rental time is approved....

Yes, Contact Us!

  • Dance instruction
  • Private and group fitness training
  • Photography 
  • Corporate and non-profit meeting space
  • Yoga/Pilates studio
  • Art gallery
  • Temporary retail operation
  • Theatrical auditions and rehearsals
  • Fundraising events
  • Luncheons
  • Parent-child playdate space
  • Club meetings
  • Craft nights and shows
  • Holiday gift wrapping night
  • Cheerleading practice
  • Meditation room
  • New church meetings
  • Mobile business conference room
  • Marathon group warm-up/warm-down space
  • Food Truck parking and pop-up cafe
  • Mobile car detailing location
  • Small weddings
  • Ballroom dancing class and rehearsal space
  • Fashion shows
  • Kids birthday parties
  • Family reunions
  • Themed movie premier events
  • Office holiday parties
  • Flash mob rehearsals
  • Outdoor art demonstrations
  • Tutoring location
  • Clothing swap nights

Have more ideas for our list? Give us a call! We would love to add your idea to the list!

Sorry, you will need to keep looking for your space

  • Activities that are illegal
  • Activities that involve pyrotechnics
  • Hydroponic growing operation (true request.... seriously)
  • Photo session involving nudity and firearms (also a true request. not kidding)
  • After-hour or rave parties (we are asked a lot. we are too small. keep looking)
  • Activities that might harm the space, equipment or the reputation of the other businesses using our space
  • Anything that <insert loved one's name> or police shouldn't know about.....